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Type 1 Limestone

This popular and cost-effective aggregate is generally used as a sub base for patios, driveways, car parks, roads, footpaths, and building bases.  more  

Building Sand

Natural aggregate combining fine rock and mineral elements to form a soft mortar. Commonly used for paving, bricklaying, internal rendering and paving.  more  

Sharp Sand

A gritty sand consisting of quartz with added minerals. Generally used for lawn bases, slab laying, block paving, external rendering and drainage.  more  

10mm Ballast

A compact mixture of gravel and sharp sand forming a coarse and versatile aggregate. Generally used for concrete mixes, making levels, and for pathways and sub bases.  more  

20mm Ballast

A compact mixture of gravel and sand ideal for making general purpose concrete for paths, shed bases, wall footings, fencing, kerbs and general hard landscaping uses.  more  

3mm Ballast

A compact mixture of gravel and sand forming a grainy aggregate. Used for concrete mixes, footings and foundations, pathways and sub bases.  more  

10mm Clean Limestone Shingle

4-10mm size – Generally used for paths and driveways, bedding layers, block paving, and general landscaping.  more  

20mm Clean Limestone Shingle

10-20mm size – Angular, attractive shingle, ideal for soakaways, attenuation tanks and general drainage purposes.  more  

40mm Limestone Shingle

(20-32mm size) – Versatile light grey angular stones used for soakaways, attenuation tanks and drainage beds.  more  

75mm Limestone Shingle

(40-80mm size) – Ideal for base layers and drainage, for soakaways, attenuation tanks and general construction.  more